My life

My  life

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here are some Monster University movie characters.~ Cc

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sorry viewers I haven't been writing I have been swimming and stuff a lot this summer. it is so exiting that the new monsters university is coming out  June 21 here are some pictures of the movie.

June 21
I can't wait to see it in the theaters. I think it is going to be really funny. People who liked the first monsters will probably like this one. Here are some more pictures of the Monsters University movie
This is one of the student badges 

and this is another student badge

If any one wants me to find more monsters stuff I will put it on my blog but, please make it appropriate if it is not I
will not put it on my blog  ~Cc

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sorry I haven't wrote in awhile I have a couple comics for all of you viewers what I am going to do is every Tuesday I am going to put out 3comics and you as the viewers will pick which one you like.
Here is the first one
Here is the second one
and here is the last one please comment and say which one you like the best
thanks for reading~Cc 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My last day of elemantry

Dear Room121,
  Thank you for being the best class that I have ever had. Mrs. Allen I would like to thank you for being the best teacher that I could ever have. Also thank you for always helping me with all of my school work. My favorite memory being with you is probably when I was in Tech- club and you said that you were going to try not talk in it at all when you were taping it and you ended up talking through all of it. And I loved the bloopers that you showed our class they were funny. I would also like to thank my classmates for always being there  for me when I needed them the most I have loved all of the activities that I have played or done with you. (my classmates)

  I have always loved  all the field trips that we have went on together. I will always remember the tears that we have cried together like the ones we  did today after school . We have had fun times, sad times, good times, funny times, and some times but not always serious  times we have always been together from the begging. Now since we are older we have started a new year in new classrooms and new halls to wander down. We are always there for each other if we  need a shoulder to lye on when we are in some sad  times.
   I remember when we always got our first pen pal letters we were all so happy. When we got to open them I remember when my friends wanted to show me what there very first pen pals had wrote them. I always thought that pen pal letters where when people from other countries gave you  a pen but, now that I have found out what they are, they are way better then just plan old pens they are things that are what we can keep forever.

 We changed from starting kindergarten to going in to middle school. When we were in kindergarten we liked to play kickball and now we like to play baseball, football, and basketball. We have changed so much from the first day we had walked in the school. Thanks again Mrs. Allen for always being there for me and my classmates you have been the best. Maybe later in the new year when I am a 6th grader I will see you and your new 5th grade class. Thank you for always being there for me and helping me with my school work. Thanks for making this the best school year in my whole 6 years being in elementary and at PV so far. ~Cc

Monday, April 29, 2013

Newspaper 1

I can't wait its going to be a little bit warmer then it has been

The Daily School Buzz

 Today, is the day that I will be starting my first blog post I can't wait for all of you viewers to see what I have written. If you saw the forecast on the side then you can see that we are going to have more rain and on Thursday its going to be warmer. If you have saw the blog it has my endangered animal is a beluga Whale I would like if you would look at it. I have some good websites for classes and kids of any age its called It's a really fun website to play on for math games and more. In my classroom this year we have done a lot of fun stuff if you need any fun ideas then go to Were a lot of website are is on the side to the right. I will be doing a newspaper every Monday and Wednesday. I can't wait to be doing more newspaper for all of my viewers that maybe reading. This hasn't really been a newspaper but, I have only done a newspaper with paper and only for my class so, its a little bit different now because I am doing it for maybe a million people. You never know maybe the whole world. I may when I get used to doing all of the newspaper thing I will start if all my viewers would like for my to maybe do some jokes and the sports and other things like that, almost like the real newspaper. Thank you for reading!!!!:) remember this is and thanks again for reading!!!!:)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This website is to where I will be doing a newspaper. I hope that everyone who reads it will like it if you would like any other website that has some fun games and other things is and a lot others what is about is that its made by a fifth grade class that is also can be called room121. My fist newspaper will probably come out by this date 4/29/13 it will be filled with all different kinds of fun facts, jokes ,sports, and some other things that you have in everyday life I will be posting some funny videos and other funny things maybe like different types of websites. And I may also put some stuff on here from my class that is going on. First let me tell you a little bit about  my class we have one class pet he is a black and white rat. And his name is Lightning he is always really fun and sometimes in class what we have noticed is that in some parts of his cage he can fit through and climb down the cabinet and run around the room it is always fun I guess to run after him and ketch him when he tries to go down the hallways. And then we have 4 computers, we also have different clubs after school like Tec-club it is really fun to do right now we have making a video with the parts of  speech. there are about 11 of use that are in the video but we are in pairs but, there is at one point that there is one person that is by himself in it but, he is still really good that video when we are done with it will be posted on our class blog that is called Thank you for reading my very first blog post that I have done on my blog.